OIO at 35c3: Call for Participation / Call for Donations

Dear Communities,

right now we’re organizing the 35c3 Open Infrastructure Orbit. We either have been together at last year’s orbit, or we already planned together this year or you assigned your assembly to the Orbit.

If you did not already do, please register your assembly at signup.c3assemblies.de and assign it to the Orbit. Please add specific needs, that do not belong to the overall planing, for your assembly there. E. g. if you bring huge things or handle money. Also add the number of seats you’ll need.

Within the orbit we’ll provide a stage, a room for workshops, a solder area and presentation tables. These tables can be used to present projects and communities. These rooms are organized in pretalx at pretalx.35c3oio.freifunk.space/35c3oio/. Please add your topics there.

Building stage, solder area, workshop room, presentation tables and other features costs money. We started a fund raising campaign at better place: betterplace.org

As an alternative donations can be transferred to the bank account of Förderverein freie Netzwerke directly:

    IBAN: DE51100900007227227006

Please spread the word of our call for donations to your communities. We appreciate every support.

There’s a weekly mumble for plannings. If you want to help with organizing or if you have information from your assembly, please join us every Tuesday at 8pm CET at mumble.freifunk.net.

Best regards,


Hardwareausstellung auf dem 34c3