The CCCB is the Berlin branch of the Chaos Computer Club, the largest hacker association in Europe, founded in 1981. The CCC is the voice of hackers, especially in German-speaking countries. In the past, it has pointed out vulnerabilities in voting computers, exposed the National Trojan and revealed problems with many biometric systems as well as the ePassport. In addition to providing support in communicating about vulnerabilities found, the CCC is also active in an advisory role in political committees and for the Federal Constitutional Court.

Within walking distance of the Bundestag, the Berlin club answers many press requests, works on the Datenschleuder and prepares congresses and camps. At Marienstra├če 11 in Mitte, the CCCB opens (after the corona pandemic) its doors to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays and supports people there with their problems or simply offers a room for cosy get-togethers, discussions about politics and technology and a club mate.